• Cincinnati_Executive_Event

    Executive Event Invitation

    Exclusive invitations designed  for and distributed to C-level prospects of a data technology forum.

  • Cincinnati_Stationery_Design

    Stationery Design

    Branded pieces created using unique elements like metallic ink and rounded corners.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Advertising

    Event Promotion

    Event promotion efforts featured a print ad and video which (comically) highlighted the difference in attendees before and after the event.

  • Cincinnati_Magazine_Ads

    Event Advertising Campaign

    Print ad created to show attendees of a data technology conference the unexpected connections they have with other attendees.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Marketing

    Event Brochure & Pocket Folder

    Exhibitor Prospectus targeting potential event sponsors. Included a pocket folder for supporting forms and information.

  • Cincinnati_Custom_Design

    Case Study Packaging

    Custom metal binders offered a sleek, but durable solution to packaging case studies and sales materials for a manufacturing client.

  • Cincinnati_Marketing_Brochure

    Transportation Services Pamphlet

    A tri-fold brochure designed to market charter bus services for an international transportation company.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Experience_Marketing

    Event Gaming Promotion

    Promo, included in the registration grab-bag, for an exhibit hall interactive game. The promo featured prize info, instructions, and rules.

  • Cincinnati_Corporate_Marketing

    HR Benefits Flyer

    Corporate marketing piece created to promote employee benefits for the human resource department.

  • Cincinnati_Graphic_Design

    Testing Services Brochure

    A four page brochure designed to provide an overview of services offered by a local industrial product testing company.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Direct_Mail_Marketing

    Direct Mail Event Promotion

    A direct mail piece promoting a technology conference and expo. The over-sized piece featured waterfall pages and a spot varnish.

  • corporate-event-program

    Conference Program

    A 60 page program for a technology conference and expo. Designed to fit into a pocket, with removable maps in the back.

  • Cincinnati_RFP_Design

    RFP Custom Packaging

    A custom vinyl binder, page layout templates, and a tab system for an RFP. Created for a national visitor services provider for cultural attractions.

  • Cincinnati_Branding

    Communication Guide

    A piece, created after extensive research, highlighting the target audiences and the messages which they are most likely to respond.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Sales_Promotion

    Exhibitor Prospectus

    Print brochure created to market exhibitor opportunities for a technology conference.

  • Cincinnati_Print_Design_Flyer

    Product Flyer

    This two page product flyer was designed with a flexible template so that it was easy to modify for additional products.

  • Cincinnati_Brochure_Design

    Industry Specific Sales Brochure

    This four page brochure is one piece in a series of sales collateral that targeted specific industrial markets for a large manufacturing client.

  • Cincinnati_Capabilities_Brochure_Design

    Capabilities Brochure

    A sixteen page sales brochure showcasing manufacturing capabilities.

  • Cincinnati_Brand_Identity

    Internal Brand Guidelines Manual

    Brand guidelines distributed throughout the company to ensure correct usage of brand elements company-wide.

  • Cincinnati_Event_Direct_Mail

    Event Marketing Direct Mail Piece

    A set of “teaser cards” designed to intrigue C-level invitees and promote early registrations for an executive event.