Branding Your Social Media


Social media has emerged to play a critical role in marketing, and you really should be promoting your business regardless of what type or size, using social media platforms. Surprisingly enough, there are companies out there who aren’t making full use of their social media pages. These should be treated just like any other piece of marketing collateral, and should follow your branding guidelines. If you aren’t branding your pages, you are missing out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression.

As an art director I am overly concerned with how things look, it is a hazard of the job. It is my job to make sure a that all of the various pieces and elements throughout a marketing campaign are visually consistent, so they look like they belong together. Now, “matchy-matchy” is boring, but carrying design elements throughout multiple pieces of collateral is a must. Following this simple rule will help build your brand awareness and portray a consistent brand personality.

Here are four things you need to take into consideration when branding your social media:

  1. Brand Consistency—Stay true to your brand. Don’t design a special logo for social media applications. Don’t pick your favorite colors, and please do not create and share images that are not on brand—just because you can use Photoshop filters does not mean you should.
  2. Logo—You should include the company logo at a minimum; there are different ways your logo can be incorporated. To avoid the pitfalls of squeezing your logo into a place where it is distorted, or so small it is not legible, sizing considerations for each social media platform need to be made. Working with a designer may produce some creative alternatives to using your logo as a small profile picture.
  3. Covers & Backgrounds—This space is sitting there begging to be branded and should be used to its maximum capacity to create brand awareness and promote a positive brand image. As with logos, you need to create graphics that are optimized to these specific areas for the best quality. Each platform has different areas that can be customized, and each is a different size; there is no “one-size fits all.”
  4. Promotions—Brand? Yes. Advertise? No. Some social media sites have a list of “do’s” and list of “don’t even think about it’s.” Make sure you work with a professional who knows where you are allowed to advertise prices and products; and where you are not.

Having your social media branded by a professional is the best way to go. We stay on top of layout changes, trends, and we can give you a tailored look with our mad design skills.

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